Pampered Puppies Gallery

  • cavoodle puppies.   2nd Generation
    Are available later in the year.
    see puppy news for puppies that are available now.
    A lovely 2nd Generation Litter Ready Now.8wks old 27.August.23.
  • Westie Poo Puppies
    Could Have Westie poo puppies later in the year. Dec./Jan.24.
    they are very good family pets.
    good natures.
  • 1st Generation Cavoodle Puppies
    These Puppies Sold. another litter coming on now. 4wks old.
    Will update Puppy News,
    Please email when you know you are ready for a puppy.
    Puppies I Breed are Loved, & cared for. Sold Very Friendly & Confident.
    And I Hope for the Best of Caring Homes for them.
    Weaned on Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy.
    They are sold from 8wks old with Health Check Sheet Signed by the Vet.
    8 -12wks.,is your best Socialization Time, Adapting to the Lifestyle/Changes you want to bring Puppy up in.
    I Sell the Puppies as Sound.
    Ready to Settle into a New Home without Stress.
    Thankyou for Looking, Pam.
  • Cavoodles at Play.
    Although little dogs, they can have a lot of energy.
    would enjoy 1/2 hour - 1 hour walks with you.
    if you are interested in a Pup Email Pam.
  • Showing his Daughter around.
    Dad of this 1st Generation Cavoodle Puppy is a Pedigree Poodle. Mum is a Pedigree Cav.King Charles Spaniel.
    This puppy is Sold.
    I will update puppy news, when puppies available.
    puppies coming up ready. enquire if looking for puppy
  • Keeping up with Dad.
    This puppy Sold but check for more Cavoodles that may be comming up.
  • Mum & 1st Generation Babies. Sold
    The Cavoodle is my Favourite Designer X
    I have bred them for 30Yrs.
    Not named a Cavoodle back then .
    But I loved their delightful easy going nature, & Personality.
    I have had lovable Pedigree Cavalier King Charles Spaniels & Toy Poodles for 32yrs.
    Please email If you are interested in the Cavoodle (Designer X.)
  • Yorkshire Terrier X Toy Poodle
    Really Lovable Designer X
    Mostly Black & Tan/Red Color.
    occasional Black Puppy.
    & Black and Aprico
  • Cavoodle 1st Generation Puppies.
    Beautiful puppies available throughout the year.
    Always Sold Social, Friendly, & Acceptable of Change, so they Settle in to New Routines without Stress.
    Have a litter 4wks old 28th.August.23. 2 Girls 3 Boys. enquire now.
    Thankyou, Pam.
  • Cavoodle 1st Generation Puppies.
    Photo showing Proud Mum & Dad.
    Puppies are always Social,Friendly,Happy & want to be with you.
    Have no 1st gen pups at this time, may be new year ready to go to new homes all going well.
  • Cavoodle 1st Generation Puppies.
    Puppies doing so well.
    4wks old 28th.8.23
    tan red color.
    enquire if interested.
    boys girls.
    thankyou, Pam.
  • 1st Generation Cavoodle Puppies
    Friendly, Calm, Mums and Dads, make good parents to puppies with lovely Temperaments.
  • Cavoodle puppies, make great pets, and companions.
    will update :Puppy News when i have pups available.
  • Cavoodle 1st Generation Puppies.
    Will be more Puppies
    check the puppy news from time to time.
    will update when the pups have arrived.