Pampered Puppies Gallery

  • cavoodle puppies.   2nd Generation
    Are available later in the year.
    see puppy news for puppies that are available now.
    A lovely 2nd Generation Litter Ready Now.8wks old 27.August.23.
  • Westie Poo Puppies
    Hope to Have Westie poo puppies April, 24.
    Will update as time goes on, When she has the puppies ect.
    they are very good family pets.
    good natures.
  • 1st Generation Cavoodle Puppies
    These Puppies Sold. another litter coming on now. 4wks old.
    Will update Puppy News,
    Please email when you know you are ready for a puppy.
    Puppies I Breed are Loved, & cared for. Sold Very Friendly & Confident.
    And I Hope for the Best of Caring Homes for them.
    Weaned on Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy.
    They are sold from 8wks old with Health Check Sheet Signed by the Vet.
    8 -12wks.,is your best Socialization Time, Adapting to the Lifestyle/Changes you want to bring Puppy up in.
    I Sell the Puppies as Sound.
    Ready to Settle into a New Home without Stress.
    Thankyou for Looking, Pam.
  • Cavoodles at Play.
    Although little dogs, they can have a lot of energy.
    would enjoy 1/2 hour - 1 hour walks with you.
    if you are interested in a Pup Email Pam.
  • Showing his Daughter around.
    Dad of this 1st Generation Cavoodle Puppy is a Pedigree Poodle. Mum is a Pedigree Cav.King Charles Spaniel.
    This puppy is Sold.
    I will update puppy news, when puppies available.
    puppies coming up ready. enquire if looking for puppy
  • Keeping up with Dad.
    This puppy Sold but check for more Cavoodles that may be comming up.
  • Mum & 1st Generation Babies. Sold
    The Cavoodle is my Favourite Designer X
    I have bred them for 30Yrs.
    Not named a Cavoodle back then .
    But I loved their delightful easy going nature, & Personality.
    I have had lovable Pedigree Cavalier King Charles Spaniels & Toy Poodles for 32yrs.
    Please email If you are interested in the Cavoodle (Designer X.)
  • Cavoodle 1st Generation Puppies.
    Beautiful puppies available throughout the year.
    Always Sold Social, Friendly, & Acceptable of Change, so they Settle in to New Routines without Stress.
    Have a litter 4wks old 28th.August.23. 2 Girls 3 Boys. enquire now.
    Thankyou, Pam.
  • Cavoodle 1st Generation Puppies.
    Photo showing Proud Mum & Dad.
    Puppies are always Social,Friendly,Happy & want to be with you.
    Have no 1st gen pups at this time, may be new year ready to go to new homes all going well.
  • Cavoodle 1st Generation Puppies.
    Puppies doing so well.
    4wks old 28th.8.23
    tan red color.
    enquire if interested.
    boys girls.
    thankyou, Pam.
  • 1st Generation Cavoodle Puppies
    Friendly, Calm, Mums and Dads, make good parents to puppies with lovely Temperaments.
  • Cavoodle puppies, make great pets, and companions.
    will update :Puppy News when i have pups available.
  • Cavoodle 1st Generation Puppies.
    Will be more Puppies
    check the puppy news from time to time.
    will update when the pups have arrived.