Terms and Conditions

We advise our clients that to provide properly for their puppy they should:

*Spend time together, provide love and companionship and basic training. 

*Provide a safe warm dry comfortable shelter.       

*Have a suitable safely fenced escape-proof section or outside space.

*Give appropriate amounts of a 100% balanced and complete food specifically designed for age and lifestage.  We reccommend Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy.  

*Exersice daily - at suitable levels for puppy's breed, size and age - (Do not take out in public areas until after 3rd vacc.).

*Regularly groom puppy - coat, eyes, ears, teeth, nails and foot pads.  

*Ensure Veterinary Care - vaccination, micro-chipping, de-sexing and prompt treatment for injury or medical conditions.  

*Follow any special instructions for care provided by the breeder.  

*Abide by local Council by-laws, rules and regulations for dog ownership.   

*Find a suitable alternative home for their puppy or dog if it doesn't work out.

Concerns about your puppy's health or development:

By the time you get your new puppy it will have had it's first vaccination, and Pre-purchase health and soundness check.  We strongly advise that you take your puppy to your own vet for an After-purchase vet check within 5 days.  If you have any concerns about your puppy's health or development, discuss this with your vet.  If you or your vet feel that there is something going on that we should know about Contact Us  - We can not help, if we do not know about it.