Eukanuba /Travel Cages /Play Pens.

  • Play Pens $55.00. Offered to Puppy Buyers.
    Ideal as they fold right down, for moving. Expand out to 6 panels, or the bigger pen 8 panels. Inside or outside use on fine days. Ideal when you are busy, or going out for a while to know puppy is safe, when you can not supervise. Sleep puppy in the pen. Bed at one end, Paper at the other. I will answer email questions. Pam.
  • Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy. 3kg Bag. $35.00
    The best product to wean small breed puppies onto. I have used Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy for a very long time. The puppies have no weaning problems, and really enjoy it. Offered to my Puppy Buyers.
  • Muff Pup.$22.00.ea. Mallard Duck $18.00.ea.,
    All Puppies Love the Muff Pup. Has a squeeker. Also the Popular Mallard Duck Large. Puppies love it when they learn how to make their Duck Honk. Both Muff Pup & Mallard Duck are very comforting to a puppy when moved to a new home. They will use them as a pillar at night. Chewers Rope Knot $7.00.ea. Can be added to their Travel Cage to be something familiar for them to travel with.
  • Siesta Deluxe size 4 Puppy Bed $30.00.
    Have the Siesta Deluxe Puppy Bed on Special $30.00. each. Plus Delux Cushion light Tan & Choc.,.size 4 Special $17.00. Such a Lovely Soft (Flat) Cushion. Keep pups so snug. Used to these, so will make transition to a new place to sleep a lot easier. Just add the Muff Pup. $22.00. and complete the night time comfort for your new pup. email me to ask any questions. thankyou Pam
  • Travel Cage.  $75.00. Offered to my Puppy Buyers.
    I can Supply the Travel Cage for your New Puppy to Travel Home in. If you will be needing a travel cage please ask. (email me) Puppy will feel safer being, Protected from Traffic Rushing By, that can cause travel sickness. Will have a lot of use to take Puppy in the Car, Especially for Vet Visits.