Eukanuba /Travel Cages /Play Pens.

  • Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy. 3kg Bag. $35.00
    The best product to wean small breed puppies onto.
    I have used Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy for a very long time.
    The puppies have no weaning problems, and really enjoy it.
    Offered to my Puppy Buyers.
  • Muff Pup.$22.00.ea. Mallard Duck $18.00.ea.,
    All Puppies Love the Muff Pup. Has a squeeker.
    Also the Popular Mallard Duck Large.
    Puppies love it when they learn how to make their Duck Honk.
    Both Muff Pup & Mallard Duck are very comforting to a puppy when moved to a new home. They will use them as a pillar at night.
    Chewers Rope Knot $7.00.ea.
    Can be added to their Travel Cage to be something familiar for them to travel with.
  • Siesta Deluxe size 4 Puppy Bed $30.00.
    Have the Siesta Deluxe Puppy Bed on Special $30.00. each.
    Plus Delux Cushion light Tan & Choc.,.size 4 Special $17.00.
    Such a Lovely Soft (Flat) Cushion.
    Keep pups so snug.
    Used to these, so will make transition to a new place to sleep a lot easier. Just add the Muff Pup. $22.00. and complete the night time comfort for your new pup. email me to ask any questions. thankyou Pam
  • Travel Cage.  $40.00. Offered to my Puppy Buyers.
    I can Supply the Travel Cage for your New Puppy to Travel Home in.
    If you will be needing a travel cage please ask. (email me)
    Puppy will feel safer being, Protected from Traffic Rushing By, that can cause travel sickness.
    Will have a lot of use to take Puppy in the Car, Especially for Vet Visits.
    This travel cage is not airline approved anymore, only thing against them is the vents at bottom of the cage, airline only want top vents now.
    I have approved cages for Flights
    Med Cage 61cm long most used cage $136.00.